Market Dynamics

Market planning for the first game.

Sustainability plan

In the initial phase we will apply our progressive marketing strategy to guarantee as much of the expansion period as possible. Reaching significant popularity, we will start our stake program (we will make an intensive publicity of it), is gonna be a great differential for the project, bringing more sustainability and control over the economy.

1) Stake Program

Our Stake program has an intelligent algorithm based on the price of the token. The drop in demand along with the inflation of rewards will cause the token to enter a negative cycle, so our program will increase BNANA staking rewards, causing demand to increase and reheat the economy. With the return of bullish cycles, the program will gradually reduce stake rewards to control stake inflation. The system will work due to the burn mechanic implemented with the launch of the marketplace and breeding system, protecting our pool. It is an unavoidable fact that systems like this face significant drops after periods of expansion, the game can never die.

2) In game boost

We will have special perk events, increasing reward buffs for a limited time for those who have all the NFTs of the event, creating more interaction in the search for these NFTs in the market and stimulating the breeding system.

Official Store

CryptoMonkeys will launch a official clothing store with payment only in $BNANAS. We are accepting partners to expand our store design and go beyond apparel. (If interested, contact us via discord or telegram)