In the future we will implement perks for those who have all Cypto Monkeys NFTs
(All our NFTs are authentic arts and fully designed by our team)

Common NFTs

  • Cave monkey
  • Gatherer
  • Hunter
  • Firebender
They are from the prehistory. Was the period when the first apes appeared on Earth. To survive they had to adapt. At first they used only their manual skills, then the way of life became more sophisticated with the production of tools, and later, with the discovery of fire. Play with your monkey and be the best in this evolutionary race.

Rare NFTs

  • Farmer
  • Guardian
  • King
They are from the Middle Ages. Is also known as a period of renaissance, a time responsible for important advances. Agriculture became the main economic activity, the guardians are the protectors of the kingdom and the centralization of power was in the hands of the kings. Build your legacy and explore the vast medieval world.

Epic NFTs

  • Intern
  • Crypto Investor
They are from the Present. The information age. It is associated with the expansion of capitalism, globalization and technological evolution. It produces technologies that change the way of thinking, communicating and working, influencing the job market. Now, there is the possibility of professionalization and investments to adapt to this competitive and innovative scenario. Take advantage of the digital age and leverage your business models.

Legendary NFTs

  • Meta monkey
  • Cyborg
They are from the future. Represents a digital transformation. There is an increase in speed and intelligence to unravel the riddles coming from the universe. Space exploration, different technological trends and intense robotization. The nature of work will change radically. Achieve your goals and experience a world where the creation of artificial intelligence and advanced technology revolutionize history.