Deposit $BNANA to the game

Connect your wallet to Crypto Monkeys

Step 1: Please go to the official website of CryptoMonkeys

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You will see there is a button: Play Game on the top of the website. Click at the “play game” section, then the system will transfer you to the main page of the Game (the below image)

Step 2: Log in with Metamask

Then, you click "Sign" and your Metamask will automatically connect with CryptoMonkeys. Now you are a part of CryptoMonkeys Metaverse. Welcome!

Or use wallet connection

When players try to use mobile browser such as Chrome to log in the website of CryptoMonkeys, they usually meet the error "You need to allow Meta Mask". Therefore, we decided to add a new function called wallet connect that allows players to connect with different wallets such as Trust wallet or other ones with the game.

Deposit $BNANA to your game account

After successfully connecting your Metamask to your in-game account, you will see your balance and wallet address on the top corner of the main website interface

Step 1: Click to your wallet address

Step 2: Click the Deposit section and input your Deposit amount

Then wait a little bit for the system to process your transaction. Moreover, if you meet the error in deposit, don't be so worried and contact our admins at the Global Telegram group, we will immediately help you with Deposit Problem.

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