The founding team of Crypto Monkeys


  • Chief Executive Officer
Victor is involved in almost all areas of the business. He has great experience in the marketing and global business. He works in digital marketing for corporations alongside and has his own clothing company. He dives deep into product development and knows how to build a team and manage with excellence.
Since he took over the company, he has been diversifying his portfolio to the future technologies.


  • Chief Technology Office
Anthony is responsible for developing all backend project, but much more than that, he works in an immersive way leading in all technological areas of the project. He has a background as a blockchain engineer and cibersecurity. He is CEO of an contract audition company (Hackachain), also, alone he developed his own virtual casino, a project called "Vegaz", works entirely on blockchain and is beeing a huge sucess (built it in 4 days).
The first phase of the project is a simple task for him, but he dreams with metaverse...


  • Chief Marketing Officer
Oliver has been working in the traditional financial market for more than 15 years, he is the marketing manager at the brokerage Harneys, since the emergence of crypto games, he has been following and studying this market in depth.
He knows how to lead a global marketing team and take Crypto Monkeys to the next level. It's your first job in the gaming industry, but everything good has a beginning.


  • Head of Design
Juliano has his own channel dedicated to 3D software with more than 20 thousand subscribers. He is an expert in the handling of these tools and has a natural talent for art. He has worked for films, commercials and ventures.
In addition to being a talented artist, his creative side positively affects all spheres of the project, contributing to the development.


  • Head of Communication
Lucas has a lot of battlefield experience, has worked as a discord administrator on other NFT games, and is a voracious gamer. He started playing Axie Infinity and hasn't stopped. His experience as a player, profits and losses, shows what we need to do to motivate and satisfy the community.
It is critical to Crypto Monkeys success have someone with this knowledge and experience. Lucas speaks fluent English and Portuguese, he is an important bridge between community and the team, he will always be present in our communication channels, interacting and leading mod`s team.