Metaverse Introduction

There are three phases...

1. The beginning

In the first phase of this virtual world, players will be able to collect, sell and buy Monkeys NFTs. Your NFTs are your pass to take advantage of p2e, putting them to work and receiving tokens in return.
Later on, we plan to release special and exclusive NFTs for our most audacious players. We will definitely be adding new mechanics that keep improving the gameplay.

2. Second phase

New game launch. Will have a lot of modes and interaction features between them... The Monkeys sure aren't alone!

3. Final phase

Our final phase will be the release of a fully open source metaverse. Players will be able to use their NFTs in a 3D open world full of interaction and features. To reach this level there will be a big team expansion.
There will be sale of new NFTs, membership system, purchase and sale of land, decoration of environments and many events. be prepared!