Crypto Monkeys

In this metaverse, monkeys evolved and had their intelligence improved to the point of conquering their own chronology.

What is Crypto Monkeys?

Crypto Monkeys is a NFT P2E (Play to earn) game, where users can earn cryptocurrency playing and selling their NFTs (when the Marketplace launches).
The game currency is the BNANA token, that is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.
The goal is multiply your tokens and build your monkey collection according to your strategy.
(In the future we will implement perks for those who have all Crypto Monkeys NFTs).

Players can profit by

  • Putting your monkeys on workstations
  • Opening Chests for a chance to receive high rarity NFTs
  • Holding your $BNANA coins
  • Buying and selling NFTs on the Market
  • Staking your token

Why did we create this game?

We want to be the developers of an unique metaverse concept and make part of the P2E blockchain technological revolution in the games industry. The play to earn model is a very big step towards the evolution of conventional games and we will prove it by building our own project that suits everyone's style.
Believe us, we know what you want...
Crypto Monkeys is just the beginning!
Last modified 1yr ago