PVP Battle Mode

Player versus Player

How it works?

In this combat mode 2 players will face off in an epic 1-on-1 battle. The game works with a turn based mechanic, in which players try to destoy/defend their villages using the NFTs in their collection. The first to destroy the enemy village takes the full prize home.
The gameplay works with a BNANA betting system, both players must stake BNANA and the winner takes all. The level of the players that you'll battle depends on the amount of BNANA you bet, the size of your collection and previous PVP results.
There's a cap on the number of NFTs that you can bring into the battle depending on the size of the BNANA bet for the game. A smaller amount only allows the use of a limited number of NFTs. To more audacious players, there's mythic mode, which has no cap on NFT usage and brings together the most skilled Cryptomonkeys players